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Earl of Sandwich The Intermediate/Advanced section of the Fort Bend Chess Club normally meets at the Earl of Sandwich at 1930 Highway 6 in Sugar Land on Sunday nights, from 6:00-8:00.

We appreciate that this restaurant is giving us space to meet in, and we encourage club members to order your dinner there on Sunday nights.

Next Meeting on November 2nd.

The intermediate/advanced group meets at the Earl of Sandwich. We will continue working on advanced tactics. This week, we'll start a section on quiet forcing moves.

Our novice group will continue learning about weapons of chess.

Individual Chess Lessons

I get notes and questions from people who know students who want to play chess. Our novice group is full, but Coach Fredric offerslessons for individuals or groups. He’s been teaching chess in Barrington Place elementary for about five years and three Meyerland elementary schools for two years at the same time, and he has about a 1500 USCF rating. Contact us at chuckbo@hinkles.us if someone asks you about seriously improving their chess.

Tournament Results

February 17, 24- FBCC Heart-of-Winter Tournament 2014
June 1, 8- 2014 FBCC Fort Bend Championship
Sept 28, 2014 - Hello Fall! Under 1000 Tournament

chesshouse.com The Fort Bend Chess Club recommends The Chess House (chesshouse.com) for chess equipment. I've gotten boards, books, and clocks from them since the mid 1970s.
  The Fort Bend Chess Club Novices is looking for a new, preferred pizza place.